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Here's where knowledgeable Amphicar owners can help others by describing replacements, less expensive substitutions or even improvements over the originals for hard-to-find Amphicar parts and other gizmos.

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Folks who aren't overly fond of Internet forms or even typing can get a nice handy old fashioned form that they can print out, fill out by hand and mail to the Bilgemaster in something we oldtimers used to call an envelope with little sticky things called stamps by clicking here.  Come to think of it, it might be handy to keep a few of them out in the garage whatever your leanings, in case the spirit hits you out there.  In case you're full of it right now and game, here's that Questionnaire just below.  Please fill it out as completely as possible...Thanx!


Please provide the following contact information:

Your Name

Your E-mail
Website (if any)

What original Amphicar part can the item be used for?

Amphicar Part Name
Model, type or other designations
Amphicar Part Number

What is the replacement or substitution part or item?

Product Name or Maker
Model, type or other designations
Product Code or Part Number

What is the manufacturer or other source for this part?

Manufacturer or other source
Street Address
Address (cont.)
Zip/Postal Code
Internet site

Please choose one of the following two options:

I have actually used this part
I have NOT used this part

What is the cost of this part?

If Gordon Imports sells this or an equivalent part, how much is it?

Please describe any necessary modifications to make this part function correctly, or add any additional comments or information below.

After clicking below you will receive a confirmation message. Thanx!



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