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Last Updated March 22, 2004

Here is where we announce recent developments on  For information on regional Amphicar gatherings and other get togethers, you might also want to check out the Amphicar Club website's Events Calendar.



Don't be fooled by outward appearances!  Since the International Amphicar Owners Club became truly an elected and Member-run Club in July 2000, the crew and resources of has been quietly integrating behind the scenes into the BIG PICTURE, offering the venue, talent and resources of in such a way that funnels lots of "seamless" collaborative content (like all that new parts and repair manuals stuff, chat rooms, etc.) that's actually developed and even hosted on, but made available via, the Club's website.  And of course still continues to offer absolutely free hosting to Amphi owners for their personal Amphi-related websites.   So don't be fooled if this News  or the home port begin to look a little superficially stale...You know what they say about those "still waters".



CALIFORNIA HOPS ON BOARD AMPHICAR.NET! ~ Thanx to "El Cajon" and his suntanned cohorts, Southern California owners now have a venue for that "Sun & Sushi" vibe they cast.  Check it out!


WELCOME ABOARD EAST COAST AMPHICAR! ~ Famed Amphicar restorer and high speed water entry maestro Billy Syx joins the crew.  



SAVE 'OLD CRUSTY' FUND ~ Please chip in for the dramatic rescue of "Old Crusty" by making a donation.



WELCOME ABOARD DARRELL GADDY! ~ Check out our newest crew member's site right here.



BIG IN JAPAN ~ Mark & Becky's Amphicar Farm, one helluva fun site proudly hosted by, has received a very special acknowledgement in Japan, the exact details of which are right here in this screenshot...Ummm...Good luck...:

japanthanks.jpg (40501 bytes)  (Click to enlarge)

bulletTHE CAP'N SURE HAS BEEN BUSY ~'s Grand Admiral of fancy HTML coding, Cap'n John (aka. John Bevins), must have had one hard snowed-in winter up there in the Rockies.  But his cabin feverings are your gain.  You can check out lots of flashy new helpful features on his website by clicking here.  Even more interesting and useful stuff by the Cap'n is now also found in the 'Members Only' area of the International Amphicar Owners Club.


bulletAND YOU THOUGHT CELINA WAS A BIG DEAL? ~ Check out this report by the German Amphicar Club's  René Pohl on Amphib 2000, the big web toed motoring gathering in Europe last Summer. 


bulletAMSOIL LUBRICANTS ORDERING ~   Online ordering of AMSOIL products is now available Click here  to treat your Amphicar to the very best synthetic lubricants available and help support in the process without paying even a penny more.


bulletPARTS TIPS NEEDED ~   Just a reminder: if you know of some helpful parts tip, modification or substitution that has worked for you, please  take a moment to share this knowledge with other owners by using the Universal Parts Listing Questionnaire.  Anyone who'd prefer to write out the information by hand and mail it to the Bilgemaster in something we oldtimers used to call an envelope with little sticky things called stamps will find a nice little form to print out by clicking right here.  In fact, everyone should keep a few of these sheets in the garage for when the spirit hits them.


bulletAMPHICAR LIBRARY ~  The Library Catalog  is now up and running and being added to almost daily. Folks who've already installed the Catalog's free-of-charge EndNote® reader  can download the very latest catalog data by clicking right here.  On average, about a dozen catalog items are being added or expanded each month.  


bulletEMAIL ADDRESSES ~ Dozens of Amphicar owners have already got their personalized "" email addresses, including  and To request yours, simply contact the Bilgemaster  with your choice.  Owners with special plates get first dibs on their "handles."  No doubt some lucky new owner of an Amphi requiring "some restoration" will be pleased to learn that "" is still available! 


bulletGERMAN AMPHICAR CLUB ~   Wilkommen am Bord The German Amphicar Club, Amphicar Club Berlin e.V., founded in 1967, is now being hosted by at  Why not drop on by and say "AhoiIch hab' auch gewebte Zähe." (Translation: "AhoyI too have webbed toes."). 


bulletPICTURES FROM GERMANY ~  Ottmar Englert, President of the German Amphicar Club, Amphicar Club e.V., sent some very nice photos and scans of the original German Amphicar Brochure.  You can check them out by clicking here


bulletSPECTACLE POND MEET ~   Thanks to Andrew Bennett, you'll find a very nice page of thumbnailed pix of an Amphicar gathering in the Boston area at Spectacle Pond in Leominster, Massachusetts by clicking here.  Although this Meet was announced with only a few days' notice on the Amphicar-Lovers Email Digest, it was still a great success, and talk of a followup is already in the wind.  Please contact Charles Gould  if interested.  To learn about other upcoming regional Amphicar get togethers, check out the Club's Events Calendar.



Orukter Amphibolos
Oliver Evans' Orukter Amphibolos
Orukter Amphibolos
Manufactured in Philidelphia in 1805

According to Cars cars cars cars / by S.C.H. Davis (London : Paul Hamlyn Publishers, 1967), [Chapter 1] "Beginnings" (p. 12): "[...] in 1805 a strange contraption was actually seen running slowly along a road in Philadelphia, a vehicle with a steam engine driving not only wheels but a paddle astern, for its crude body was watertight enough for it to swim as well as run on the road. All of this was due to Oliver Evans, but his unhappy reward was to be considered NOT QUITE RIGHT IN THE HEAD. [emphasis mine]"...Surely old Oliver was a kindred soul of every Amphicar owner..

Oliver Evans: Father of the Amphibious Vehicle



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