The Amphicar Extraordinaire before I bought her

A collection of moments in the 3 1/2+ year long restoration of The Amphicar Extraordinaire.

    I did 98% of all work on this car by myself with the one exception of the paint/body work. It was a labor of love or maybe just some sort of sickness. ;) This car kept me up many a night. I found myself sometimes working through he night on several occasions. There were times I would get home from work and stop for a minute to look at something or do some small adjustment, and the next thing I know, it's 11PM and I have ruined yet another good work shirt. I made every attempt to restore her back to original factory specs using original Amphicar parts when available. I was able to accomplish that with the only exception of a handful of hardware. 

    After the correct parts were installed and everything was operating I made some changes for safety. Not only for myself and my passengers but for the safety of the Amphicar itself. These are converting to negative ground, replacing the dynamo with a modern alternator, a second bilge pump, electronic ignition, electric fuel pump, steering box bracket and radial tires. I made the changes so they were as hidden as possible and without any permanent modifications what so ever. All original parts have been retained.

    Now that the restoration has been completed I can finally enjoy the car as she was originally designed to do. I regularly take her for a drive and a swim.


(March of 2000)


(2000 - 2002)


(2002 - 2003)


Trunk area





Original front seats

Under the dashboard

The day of the 1st swim!

Original rear seats

Rear seating area

The day of the 1st swim!


Engine compartment


Sandblasted hull

Left (Port) side

The day of the 1st swim!

Let there be light!

Adding trim

At the body shop in primer

Right (starboard) side
Freshly painted 

At the lake in water

Busted prop

New props

Fresh drive train

Rear package shelf

Original front seats

Checking for leaks (Car pool!)