"What kind of car is that? - Amphicar - "A What?" - Amphicar!

Frequently Asked Questions;

They were designed specifically for the American market so almost all Amphicars were imported into the USA

Most Amphicars are virtually identical, although there are some small, but distinct differences between early and late models. These include, but not limited to the heater placement, shock mountings, lower body lip, & dash treatment, among others.

The Amphicar was the 1st true "world car" with parts coming from Germany, England, USA, and Holland among others.

They were available in 4 colors;                                                                                                               

There was at least 1 black car Produced and 50 special ivory cars that had red tops and side trim made for the cypress gardens and the 1964 world's fair. 

A few were also produced as emergency rescue vehicles with a full compliment of equipment.

You could order an anchor, flares, paddles, fire extinguisher and even a shower that connected to the bilge pump!

An AM / FM / Short-wave / Marine band radio was available.

Would you believe an amphibious camper was available too?

Does it really go in the water?

How fast do they go?

How do they operate in the water?

How do the doors seal?

Who made them?

What engine do they have?

What are all those knobs for?

How do you shift them?

How deep can they go?

Can they sink?


How many were made?

How many survive?

How much were they when new?

What are they worth?

Are parts available?

What is the fuel mileage?

How are they in rough water?