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Welcome to the Amphicar Library


Feed your noodle!


Like Batgirl, dowdy librarian by day but lithe leather-clad evil-battling dominatrix by night, the  Bilgemaster also leads a double life.  What with nearly a decade of paying for his devil-may-care web toed motoring activities by toiling in the library of a famous Museum in Washington, D.C., it seems only fitting that the meagre skills learned there be used to catalog the body of work that has been written about the Amphicar and amphibious motoring in general.  Hence, when not battling the twin evils of corrosion and leakage or flaunting excessive ramp launch fees and other impedimenta, the Bilgemaster has been dutifully recording a catalog of books, films, articles and other ephemera concerning amphibious vehicles in general, and the Amphicar in particular.  

Now you too may partake of this grand web toed bibliographic heritage.  Clicking and following the steps at right will enable one to obtain and configure the magic little multi-function bibliographic catalog program called EndNote, which is being used to compile the Library Catalog, to configure the catalog correctly and to download the regular monthly updates as the catalog progresses. 


As you'll soon discover, the EndNote bibliographic utility and catalog is one fine little program, boasting features that even many full-fledged library catalog systems can't match, including the automatic startup of hyperlinks on the Internet.  One day it is hoped that many of the items in the Library Catalog will only be a keystroke away, but at this initial "survey" stage, the catalog is simply meant to serve as a guide for identifying and obtaining these materials through the more traditional process of Interlibrary Loan through one's local library.  Many of the items may also be obtained, as indicated, from the Library for a comparable fee or (preferably) in trade for copies of needed items.  The "Demo Version" of EndNote that you will download at Step One is fully-functional for 30 days.  Thereafter, the Trial Version it will still function perfectly well as an Library Catalog viewer, but will not allow one to format, print or export more than 10 items at one time.  The full version of Endnote is a first-rate "must-have" program for students, scholars, scientists and anyone else doing research, and it costs as little as $99 through this special link.

How it works...

Register, download and install the Trial Version of the Endnote
Catalog program.


Print out and read the Library Catalog FAQ for important info about configuration and setup.

Download and install the Library Catalog data  following the instructions in the previous FAQ.



So, you like  books, Eh?...

Whether it's a long-lost children's book, that cookbook filled with grandma's favorite recipes, or 'Half-Safe', Ben Carlin's account of his voyage 'round the world by land and water in an amphibious Jeep, Alibris is the online store for rare, used, and out-of-print books. With sophisticated search capabilities, the Alibris Web store helps you find the books you want in just a few keystrokes. Alibris: Books you thought you'd never ever find:

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