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Amphicar Gear You Can Get from ECA

Folks contact us all the time asking about cars and parts we have for sale.  Fact is, we don't sell  Amphicars or even parts, we just FIX  them.  For information on how to find Amphis and parts for sale and all about ECA's other services, just send a blank email to our "autoresponder" robot at, and in seconds you should receive a reply with the whole lowdown, links and all. 

With that said, we DO  sell some other great Amphicar stuff, like Step-by-Step Amphicar Restoration Videos for the do-it-yourselfer and also a piece of equipment that should be on every  Amphicar's fantail, Chrome-plated Bilge Spout Elbows (so you can see if you're bilging without throwing yourself bodily over the rear engine lid!).  Sturdy and beautifully crafted, these Spout Elbows also happen to be a great match for those original style chromed exhaust covers.  For more information on these great products, just click the appropriate link below (new windows will open):

Step-by-Step Amphicar Restoration Videos

Chrome Plated Bilge Spout Elbows

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