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Before, During & After
Here's how we work for you!

Here at East Coast Amphicar we understand that many folks aren't dotcom gazillionaires with unlimited resources and that even fun can sometimes come with a budget, so we work with you to get your Amphicar ship-shape and waterborne as soon as possible with quality, value and your budget in mind.  We can perform either an all-at-once stem-to-stern gleamingly total restoration, or get you underway in the Amphicar of your dreams in affordable stages as the following photos illustrate.  In this case, you'll see step-by-step how we've taken a thoroughly rusted Amphicar hulk and transformed her on a very modest budget into a surefire source of weekend fun and affordable elegance!

Working within the budget of this Amphi's owner, you'll see how we've suggested putting off the expensive rechroming process--the pricey icing on the restoration cake--until another season by simply cleaning and coating the parts in question with a protective black finish that will help keep the metal perfectly sound until such time as the owner returns to us for the whole nine yards.  In the meantime, this Summer this owner be having fun with this Amphi that might otherwise still be languishing in a shed somewhere.  While we'll never skimp on safety here at East Coast Amphicar, our motto remains...

"Better a floating Amphi at large than some rusty junk in a garage!" 

To see the larger versions of these before, during and after shots just click the image...

Terminal fin rot Up on the rotisserie. 

Out with the old... ...In with the new 

ready... ...for...
...the... ...water!

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