Darrell Gaddy's Amphicars

Amphicars Both Front
Our Amphicars were purchased at a Farmer's auction in Fayetteville, Tennessee in February 1999. The auction was supposed to bring home a flat bed truck, but we purchased the two Amphicars instead!! The 1965 Blue Amphicar is a now driving Amphicar with rebuilt suspension, brakes, fuel systems rebuilt. The generator charging system has been converted to a negative ground GM alternator. (The link shows how to wire a GM alternator into a Amphicar wiring harness.) The next project is body sheetmetal replacement.

Blue Amphicar on the Road
This is our 1965 Blue Amphicar driving on the road!!

Last Drive with Jessica
The last Amphicar drive with Jessica, before placing the Amphicar in storage to build the house.


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