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(There are quite a few, so it may take a few minutes to load...)

This was my first look at my 1967 Amphicar.  This picture didn't show much of the major rust in the rear quarter panels....I would find that later on.

Officer Friendly in southern Mississippi rescued us with a flat tire.  That's me on the right talking to Billy Bob about a new tire & rim.

Me & Becky's Dad, Clayton, pulling out the engine.  It wouldn't be re-installed for over four years.

It took about six months to strip it down to a bare shell.  It was in a barn 40 miles from home.

Here's my friend Steve helping me get the Amphi from the farm to the house.

Bodywork was the most difficult part of my restoration.  I started at a welding shop, then a body shop (pictured), then another body shop where the work was completed.

Paint at last! Thanks go out to Andy McClelland for the hard work he put into completing this job.  We are always welcome for ongoing repairs.

Maiden Voyage, June 1998.  Doors leaked at seals and bilge pump wouldn't prime.  50 gallons of water sank us at the ramp.  After being towed out, I drove home 15 miles with water in the engine and transmission...

...But all's well that ends well.  Some time later, here is my nephew Carter joining me for a dip in the Grand River--2 blocks from my house.  This is where I take friends and relatives for an exciting quick dip.

This photo was taken in September 1998 at our annual vacation to the Mackinaw Bridge.  Note bridge in background left.

Labor Day 1999.  Nephew Spencer checking out the girls at the sand bar at beautiful Torch Lake.

Doug & Taylor get to go for a ride.  This became my parking place for the weekend.  This is Elk Lake, where the Burkheads live.

Becky and Claire "Get Amphibian".