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On Friday, the 13th of July, 2001, we greeted our second girl into the world. Elisse Richardson, at the tender age of 46 hours and 20 minutes, became the youngest person ever known to have ridden on land and water in an Amphicar, beating her older sister Claire's previous record of 2 months:


Contacted Mr. Quincy Berka and talked to him about owning the red 1967 Amphicar back in the early seventies. Quincy is now 75 years old, but remembered owning the car. He bought it from Gerald Bills who is now deceased. He owned the car for about five years. He complained of the cars brake problems after taking it into the water. He also said it had transmission problems and the seals around the doors leaked. He took it to a local lake in the area of Caldwell, TX which was fresh water. He was a mechanic and had a wrecking yard with many cars. The Amphicar was sold in pretty rough condition in the late seventies to a man from Austin for 400.00. I bought the car in New Braunfels, a suburb of San Antonio from a man named Jeff Whipple. Quincy is a musician and was friends with the famous Johnny Horton before his death near Caldwell in a car accident. Quincy still plays in local festivals, and that is how I tracked him down over the internet. Here is a picture of Quincy on stage. The mystery is now solved: