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Call me BrendanBrendan O'Leary: Amphicar Lover...

As you may guess from the photo of me clutching the very pinnacle of the Washington Monument while it was being restored, I live near Washington, D.C.   In fact, I live in Alexandria, Virginia, right on the Potomac River.  This is good, because one of my longstanding fascinations has been the Amphicar, The Car that Swims.   As a child I remember the Amphicar because one of the original dealerships was located a block from my house.  I guess you could say that seeing all of those weird boat-cars floating down the river back then made an impression on me.

Since then I've had five of these marvelous amphibious vehicles, and have also amassed a pretty fair collection of other rare Amphicar collectables such as an original Amphicar showroom electric sign, an Amphicar showroom banner, original literature and various period battery operated toys and other items.

Here are some photos of my Amphicars past and present...

~ My Current (5th) Amphicar ~
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 To read a nice article from the Auto Weekend section of the
February 24, 2004 Washington Times featuring this Amphicar, click here.

~ My Previous (4th) Amphicar ~
My wonderful car...I mean, boat.    Ready to roll in the Amphicar.    Going swimming in the Amphicar    Floating around in the Amphicar
Everything's beautiful in an Amphicar.
    The Amphicar emerging from the Potomac River    Amphicar poised for the Big Parade...Co-Navigators Zachary & Colin aboard    Amphicar on parade in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia

~ Amphicar Collectibles and Models ~

Amphicar Dealership Electric Sign--VERY RARE !

Amphicar Showroom Banner (Large, in excellent condition)

Original Amphicar Maintenance Manual--NOT a copy!Original Amphicar Parts List--NOT a copy!

Amphibious electric modelAmphibious electric modelAmphibious electric modelAmphibious electric model
Amphibious electric modelsAmphibious electric modelsAmphibious electric modelsAmphibious electric models
Amphibious electric modelsAmphibious electric models


I hope you enjoy the pictures.  If you have any questions, especially if you're another Amphicar owner coming to the Washington, D.C. area looking to form up a little squadron for a cruise of the Potomac or Occoquan Rivers, then feel free to drop me a line...

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