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Until now both were very difficult to get in the United States, but they can now be purchased right here in association with Amazon Books in Germany and England simply by clicking the book's picture.



Military & Civilian Amphibians, 1940-1990 / Compiled by R M Clarke (Cobham, Surrey, UK : Brooklands Books, 1994). 
Cost: £11.95
(Approx. $19.67, plus $8.15 shipping to USA. Total: Approx. $27.82)

By far the most comprehensive English-language work on amphibious vehicles, including the Amphicar, compiling well-reproduced reprints of articles, technical reports and other features concerning a large variety of amphibious vehicles. This should be the first title in any Amphicar owner's library. Superbly done!


 Mit dem Auto baden gehen: Entwicklung, Geschichte und Technik der Schwimmwagen / Rene Pohl, Rüdiger Haack (Königswin. : Heel-Vlg., 1998). 
Cost: DM68.00
(Approx. $37.09, plus $21.82 shipping to USA. Total: $58.91)

Unfortunately, this wonderful title is now out of print, but the good news is that an English translation of an expanded edition is now being planned.  So, check back here later!  In the meantime, the link above might occasionally bring one to a used copy available for sale via If you're really keen on having this first edition, then you might also try the "Alibris" search box at the bottom of this page...

A well-known web toed English reviewer, David Chapman, has this to say about this book, the title of which translates as Going swimming with the car, "An excellent book, even if you speak no German. Rene Pohl has researched this subject in more detail than ever before, the book contains hundreds of unique pictures of Amphibians, just wish there was an English edition !"  

A comprehensive history of amphibious motoring from Oliver Evans' 1805 Orukter Amphibolos to present, and every wheeled wave bobber in between. This is an entertaining and essential title for any Amphicar owner's library.

Since this book will be ordered from Germany's Amazon Books, the transaction will be done in German.   Even if one does not speak German, this is not nearly as difficult as one might think, particularly if one has already ordered the first title on this page from the very similar British Amazon Books, since the whole routine is nearly identical. 

If you would like to print out some step-by-step directions for ordering in German before proceeding, you'll find them by clicking right here.


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Site last updated: March 22, 2004
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