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Here is a handy mini-catalog and checklist of essential AMSOIL synthetic lubricant products specifically recommended for Amphicars.  This page can be printed and used for easy reference when ordering toll free at 1-800-956-5695 or securely online 24 hours-a-day by CLICKING HERE (new browser window will open). Whether you purchase by phone or online, when asked for a "Customer Number," please always use Customer Number 508472. This referral code helps pay the rent for Amphicar.net, and it will not cost you even a penny extra to do this.

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Amphicar owners who've met me at Club gatherings, where I usually hand out sample cartridges of AMSOIL water resistant grease, also know that nothing but AMSOIL goes into my Amphicar, the same Amphi that makes the 1,500+ mile round trip to the Amphicar "Swim-Ins" every year, not on a trailer, but under its own steam.  I felt so strongly about AMSOIL products after first using them myself that I became a dealer.  Below you will find exactly the AMSOIL products suitable for pampering your Amphicar.  If you'd like a second opinion about AMSOIL, you can see what fellow Amphicar owners have had to say about the stuff by searching the marvelous Amphicar Lovers Email Digest Archives for the keyword "amsoil" by clicking here

Please note  that commissions earned from this Catalog's referrals go towards the operating costs of Amphicar.net, which allows any Amphicar owner to have his or her own free website or yourname@amphicar.net  email address.  Amphicar.net  also just happens to be where lots of the great online tools like repair manuals, parts guides and tech tips for owners are actually hosted that are linked to on the International Amphicar Owners Club website, and in the past (before moving over to its free-of-charge Yahoogroups host) these commissions also helped support the Amphicar-Lovers Email Digest.  In short, be assured that getting your AMSOIL products right here is a very good thing for Amphicar owners, and it won't cost you even a penny extra to mention customer number "508472" when ordering.

Only the Absolute Amphicar Necessities  are described in the mini-catalog below, those "must haves" you regularly need to keep your Amphi happiest and healthiest.  Of course AMSOIL offers many other excellent products that are ideal for the Amphicar, such as a Reusable Foam-Type Oiled Air Filter (ask for an AMSOIL Air Filter Model S 1603 and also Foam Filter Oil AFO-BC and you'll never need another air filter...ever), a "super-clingy" Heavy Duty Anti-Rust Metal Protectant Spray that is basically an improved version in a easy-to-use aerosol can of that WaxOyl brew that British Classics enthusiasts rave about (AMSOIL Product Code: AMH), a safer and ecologically kinder Propylene Glycol Antifreeze (which is far superior in its corrosion inhibiting and other desirable properties to the highly toxic ethylene glycol standard green stuff), as well as other incidental products like Silicon Spray Lubricant to help preserve your Amphi's rubber bits and for other spot lubrication needs (AMSOIL Product Code: ALS).  You'll learn all about these fine products and many others in the full printed AMSOIL Catalog which should accompany your first order (make sure and ask for a copy when you order just to be sure), but below are just the regular Amphi maintenance "must-haves"....

If you should have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to drop me a line at bilgemaster@amphicar.net  Until then, keep 'em floating with AMSOIL!

Bill Connelly ("Bilgemaster")
Springfield, Virginia
Owner of the 1967 Fjord Green "OLD BUOY"







Synthetic Water Resistant Grease for Amphicars

Synthetic Water Resistant Grease is an ABSOLUTE MUST for Amphicars!

Resists water washout and degradation (99.1% water wash-out resistant). Offers unparalleled protection for Amphicar wheel bearings and other components frequently exposed to water. Perfectly compatible with whatever earlier greases one may have been using, and can be used throughout the Amphicar wherever any  type of grease is called for.  Yes, you can avoid unnecessary wheel bearing replacements just by treating them right!  Even if you put off purchasing every other product on this page, please do not pass on this waterproof grease.  Get it in those wheelbearings right now!




AMSOIL Product Code: "GWR-CR"
Cost: $4.70 per 14 ounce cartridge*,
plus shipping
(Weight: 1.1 pounds)
*also available in a 10-cartridge pack at a modest savings: only $46.00 (code GWR-10)


Synthetic Gear Oil for Amphicars

Synthetic Marine GL-4 Gear Oil for Amphicar Land & Water Trannies and Steering Boxes, 80W-90

Now available in a gallon size handy for Amphicar maintenance (8 ounce size is shown), AMSOIL Synthetic Marine Gear Lube is a straight GL-4 grade gear oil without the potentially harmful additives of many GL-5 grade oils, substances which can sometimes be corrosive to your Amphicar's brass & bronze synchronizers and other "yellow metal" gearbox parts. This product not only provides vastly improved protection against friction and wear over standard gear oils, reducing drag for maximum power output and cooler running (between 20F and 50F cooler in fact!), but also provides extra long lasting protection against rust and corrosion, meeting enhanced MIL-L-21260B rust prevention requirements. This is a synthetic gear oil engineered with a "Marine" environment in mind, featuring enhanced anti-rust and other properties desirable in a watery environment, particularly important for folks whose Amphis have been known to take on the odd drop or two in the bilge. Its unparalleled demulsibility properties prevent contamination and deterioration from moisture, thereby delivering unbeatable protection for your delicate and increasingly expensive-to-replace Amphicar land & water transmissions, forming a barrier on gear surfaces that seals out water to inhibit rust and corrosion. Foam inhibitors also ensure protection in conditions that favor lubricant foaming and consequent metal-to-metal contact and wear. 



API GL-4 Rating (Gallon size).
AMSOIL Product Code: "AGT-1G"
Cost: $19.10 per gallon, plus shipping
(Weight: 8.4 pounds)
(About three quarts are needed for your Amphicar land and water trannies, and don't forget your Steering Box, which takes just a tad over a cup)   


Synthetic Motor Oil for Amphicars

Synthetic SAE 10W-30 Motor Oil
(API Service SH, SJ, CF)

Dramatically outperforms conventional petroleum and other synthetic motor oils. Reduces friction, heat and wear for maximum power, performance and protection. Resists high temperature burn-off, chemical breakdown and sludging - keeps engines cleaner. Outstanding low temperature fluidity for fast, dependable winter starts and immediate start-up protection for infrequently run engines.

AMSOIL Motor Oils far exceed the most demanding world-wide performance standards and competitors' products:

AMSOIL is simply better for your Amphicar


API Service SH, SJ, CF.
AMSOIL Product Code: "ATM-QT"
Cost: $5.85 per quart, plus shipping
(Weight: 2.1 pounds)
(4 quarts are needed for an Amphicar engine oil change, with perhaps a fifth for topping off on the road)


The Best Oil Filter for Amphicars

AMSOIL Lofted Fiber Super Duty
Oil Filters superior to any other

AMSOIL Super Duty Oil Filters offer superior efficiency and capacity to those offered by other popular filters. While some other filters offer "good" efficiency, they do not offer The Best, nor do they feature even nearly the capacity of the AMSOIL SDF.  The extra safety for your Amphicar engine offered by the AMSOIL SDF Oil Filter makes a huge difference over time. The lofted fiber "depth-type" media of the recently re-engineered AMSOIL Oil Filter combines the high-flow capacity of a "surface-type" filter with the particle-trapping and holding capabilities of a "depth-type" filter. The AMSOIL Lofted Fiber Oil Filter provides the best possible balance of capacity, efficiency, long life, and high flow capabilities.  Sure they're a little more expensive, but here's why:

Most sophisticated oil filter constructed to protect your Amphicar

Best filtering efficiency to protect your Amphicar
Highest filtering capacity to protect your Amphicar
AMSOIL Product Code: "SDF-42"
Cost: $11.55 each, plus shipping
(Weight: 1 pound)

To assist ordering, here's a quick checklist:


bulletWater Resistant Grease "GWR-CR" ($4.70 per tube / 1.1 lbs.) 
bulletMarine 80W-90 GL-4 Gear Lube "AGT-1G" ($19.10 per gal. / 8.4 lbs.)
bulletMotor Oil 10W-30 "ATM-QT" ($5.85 per quart / 2.1 lbs.)
bulletSDF Oil Filter "SDF-42" ($11.55 each / 1 lb.) 


To order, either call 1-800-956-5695, or for secure internet ordering CLICK HERE

Please use Customer Number 508472 



SHIPPING AND HANDLING REFERENCE (USA Only - International rates will differ)

Up to 3 lbs



20 to 39 lbs.


.37 per lb.

4 to 6 lbs



40 to 59 lbs.


32 per lb.

7 to 12 lbs.



60 to 99 lbs.


27 per lb.

13 to 19lbs.



100 lbs. and over


25 per lb.


Amphicars NEED AMSOIL Lubricants


Questions? Comments? Drop me a line!

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