Amphi what?

The Amphicar is a car that is able to drive on land, and go into the water like a boat. They were made in West Germany during the 1960's by the Amphicar Motor Company. Rather than go into the entire history, visit the International Amphicar Owners Club Home Page if you are interested.

My interest in Amphicar's really started in the Summer of 1997 after a good friend of mine, Mike Norman, told me about them, and I looked them up on the Internet. I was hooked. It didn't take long until I knew I had to have one.

Viewing the Classified's on the Amphicar Club page led me to Roger Sallee in Missouri. Roger had recently purchased a 1965 blue Amphicar (VIN# 103,127) in Bristol, VA and was in the process of having some rust in the rear quarter panels fixed and the body repainted. He also had the engine overhauled, but not yet in the car.

Roger was a great guy to visit, and we worked out a deal for me to get the car "in pieces". He had the car delivered to me on October 1, 1997 with a pile of parts. Over the next 2-3 months, Roger kept sending additional parts as he found them, and was really helpful in getting everything I needed.

Since I have no garage, Elizabeth was willing to let me store the car in hers until it became road worthy. She and I began the work on a car that we had no idea how it went back together! We've cleaned, painted, fixed, made, patched ...and anything else you can do to a car and it is something we both can be proud of.

The biggest help of all was the fact that most parts are still available from Gordon's Imports in California, including a Service and Repair Manual and Parts Book that the repair shops used. The fact that so much is available is nice, but it also is bad in some cases - I look at the parts book and want everything new!