Tall Stacks '99 - Cincinnati, Ohio

October 13-17, 1999

Every four years or so, Cincinnati holds a five day festival celebrating the River Steamboat era in our history. In 1999 there were 19 paddlewheelers in town, and close to a million people made it out to see them.

Of course, 19 "official" Tall Stacks were there, but Amhpi made 20!

Mississippi Queen was one of the most well known units there.

But I think the American Queen is the biggest Riverboat ever!

All the Coast Guard and Water Patrol boats were certainly friendly. This one brought a WLW Radio guy out to interview us.

This is the Celebration Belle out on a cruise. You know everyone on the vessel is checking out Amphi when one wave gets the entire boat waving back!

The Steamship "Majestic".

We were quite a sight from the bridges, too.

Of course, out there with the "big boys" Amphi looks small, but I'd say we were photographed as many times as any of them!

Even the Newport World Peace Bell was on display. You might remember seeing shots of that coming into town earlier in the year.

Most of the other boats were great - hundreds of them were on the river with us, and everyone wanted us to stop and let them get a photo.

We sure did have a good time. In all, we were in the water close to five hours on Friday, and about three hours on Saturday.