Nashville, Tennessee

May 18-19, 2001

The weekend of May 19, 2001 saw seven Amphicars and one Alvis Stalwart invade J. Percy Priest Lake in Nashville, Tennessee. Although the event hosted by Rick and Jo Young was billed as a "no frills, play it by ear" weekend, there was quite a crowd….great media coverage….and plenty of "Amphi-time". Rick, who lives in nearby Murfreesboro, arrived at the hotel around noon on Friday to greet Marc and Elizabeth Schlemmer from Kentucky and Doug, Phyllis, and Chad Parsons from Ohio. The cars were quickly unloaded and the three swimmers headed for the lake. Later that afternoon the group met up with Victor Brown, former Club Member from Maine. It seems that a breakdown on the road a few days earlier put Victor, Raven, and Cooper in town just in time for the event. Little did they know when they were passing through Tennessee that their misfortune on the road would put them right in the middle of an Amphicar gathering! Luckily, they had their Amphicar along on the trip! After dinner, the Youngs, Parsons, and Schlemmers enjoyed a late night swim. The weather was beautiful, and the water was glass. Saturday morning, the Amphicars met at the Nashville Shores Marina where Earl and Barb Shaffer arrived with their Blue Amphicar and Jeff and Susan Lane, along with their daughter Alison, joined in their Red Amphi. Both families are from Nashville. An extra treat for the group was that Jeff stores his 6 wheel drive Alvis Stalwart amphibian right there at the marina! A quick trip to the boat storage area, and he brought the unit to the parking lot. It really is quite impressive….1960 model with a straight 8 Rolls Royce engine. All those in attendance took the opportunity to see the military vehicles up close and personal. With the large cargo bed, the Lane's use the unit a lot as party type vehicle….like a big pontoon boat floating around for hours, leaping off the crane and having fun. It didn't take long until the media started to arrive. Two TV stations out of Nashville spent a lot of time with the amphibians and their owners. They really enjoyed the way all the Amphicar owners showed off their cars….in and out of the water. It made for quite impressive news stories. The final car that rolled into the marina was brought by Glenn Young, Rick's father who also lives in Murfreesboro. That afternoon, a few of the cars headed out to an island in the lake, came up on shore and had a relaxing visit enjoying the day. The shore was perfect for the Amphi's…..a wonderful approach brought the cars right out of the water. Sunday, a few of the cars were spotted off shore of the Water Park and showed off alittle as their presence was announced to all those in the park. Just after noon, the Young's and Parson's met up with Victor Brown for lunch and some more swimming about. Others that enjoyed some or all of the weekend were Club Members Darrell and Janine Gaddy with their daughter Jessica, Ernest "Skeeter" Bly and Casey Pianta. The lake and location was perfect for the Amphicars. Beautiful water, several ramps within Amphi range, and a lot of attention.