Amphicar Model

Here are some photos of my Amphicar model. These units, without question, are the most detailed Amphicar models ever made. Made of a molded resin in Europe, it required a great deal of prep work to get it ready for assembly. It does, however, include literally every last detail. Only after very close examination can you find anything at all missing, and even then, it is for instance, there is no tow hook on the front. Still, it is a great piece and I am glad I have it.

These units are beginning to be more and more difficult to find. This one, bought unassembled, was one of the last ones anyone was able to get, and they may not be available again. I built this unit trying to match color and interior to my actual car. Even the boat registration numbers on the side! With an overall length of 4", you can imagine how small some of the pieces are!