Mt. Dora, Florida 2001

March 23-24, 2001

Once again...Dave Monier planned the weekend. Dave really knows how to treat his Amphicar guests.

This is Dave, here.

Victor Nelson grabbing alittle attention with some good splashes.

Pat Rovetto joined in the weekend with his very nice '67.

Pat is the original owner of the car!

The Amphicar group had the pleasure of meeting Tommy and Lynne Sciortino from Tampa.

They brought their white and red cars. fact, these are their cars up on the shore Saturday.

In all, 10 cars made it for the weekend.

The cars in attendance were:
Dave Monier (white-Florida)
Tommy Sciortino (white-Florida)
Lynne Sciortino (red-Florida)
Dan Borgman (red-Florida)
Pat Rovetto (green-Florida)
Victor Nelson (green-Florida)
Peter Fredsall (green-Florida)
Rick Young (green-Tennessee)
Marc Schlemmer (blue-Kentucky)
Gord Souter (blue-Ontario)