July 23-25, 1999

Doug Parsons and I started planning a small midwest gathering of Amphicars to come to Celina, Ohio during their annual Lake Festival. Well, response was so great, that the International Amphicar Club decided to just let us make our "little gathering" the Annual Club Swim In! Excitement continued to grow, and when it was all done, 26 Amphicars had a great weekend in Celina!

The town of Celina was wonderful - they treated us all like royalty. Everywhere we went we had a police escort and crowds of people. We even won the Lake Festival Queen's award in their huge parade!

Some of the highlight of the weekend were Friday night fireworks, car show on Saturday morning and the parade on Saturday night. Of course, lots of swimming was also included during the weekend!

Lots of Amphicar lovers were able to meet, many for the first time, and ya know....Amphicar people are great!. I wish I could show all the pictures from the weekend, but at least here are a few.

Thanks to Doug for helping me put it all together, and for the famous Swim In T-Shirts! Of course, the city of Celina certainly deserves a great thanks as well.

The Celina Swim In of 1999 will be talked about for years among the Amhpicar community.