Celina 2000

July 28-30, 2000

The 7th International Amphicar Owners Club Swim In was held during the Celina Lake Festival in Celina, Ohio. 40 Amphicars signed in for the event, and a great time was reported.

The evening started at CJ's Highmarks where Amphicars filled the lot, then paraded down to the lake.

While waiting for the fireworks, Al and Debra Heath enjoy a swim while "Dave The Wave" Derer relaxes and steers with his toes!

While the Amphicars floated about, Tom Schiff of Panoramic Cincinnati took a 360 photograph. The photo will travel throughout Ohio as part of the Ohio Bicentennial in 2003.

Tom is riding with Roger Sallee.

Earlier on Friday, this collection of the four original colors was spotted at the Eagles.

From left to right...
Rick Young
Marc Schlemmer
Victor Nelson
Frank Carione

The weekend brought a good chance for fellow Amphicar owners to put faces to people they've known for years.

One example is Hugh and Jeani Gordon who made the trip to Celina.
Everyone was honored to get the chance to meet them.

Billy Syx brings a load of queen contestants back from a swim. They won't soon forget their Amphicar ride!

Doug Parsons slips into the water. Doug was responsible for getting the event t-shirts, which really were a hit.

Media coverage.....Media coverage....Media coverage!

By far, the largest amount of media coverage ever for the Amphicars at a Swim In.
Most crews spent the whole weekend interviewing owners and filming the activities.

One of the crews that came were the My Classic Car gang. They were filming for a 2001 episode.

Here, Bill Connelly takes host Dennis Gage for a swim.

Mike Echemann in a line of Amphicars coming back from the lake. The Amphicars had to pass single file under a one lane bridge to come and go from the lake.

Amphicars line up for a huge group photo!

Amphicars move into position for the Lake Festival parade - two by two.