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The International Amphicar Club had its 6th annual swim-in at Celina, Ohio the weekend of July 23rd, 1999.

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Loading the trailer Getting ready to travel to Celina.
Too far to drive, so we haul the Amphicar.
(Somebody once said to haul it backwards
so a passing stone doesn't get the windshield.)
Just the 3 of us More the merrier Put an Amphicar near water,
and it just has to get wet.
Here we are getting
aquainted with each other.
There's the Water Nothing like a little dip in the pond Just got wet
Let me at that water... Can I come in too? Innocent bystanders taken for a ride

Is this water green or what! Channel 35 TV Cameraman Reporters in the Water Reporters in the Water

As 5 of us meet a day early (Thursday) to help promote the local event to the local media, several of us took TV camera crews and Newspaper reporters out for a swim.

Splish-Splash... It was a hot day, and some drivers were
anxious to get in the water,

Where'd he go???
or known to abandon their cars for
a quick dip in the water themselves!

Amphibious Assault
at Celina, Ohio
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