Friday morning, some of the Amphicars that arrived early went to St. Marys and swam up and down the canals of a retirement community. We had met two of the directors of the community and they asked us over to help add some excitement and variety to their lives. Many people came out of their houses to watch these little cars cruising by their houses, one even came out on her dock and got in with Billy. 71K bytes 57K bytes 74K bytes
As the day progressed, more and more cars arrived and joined the fun.
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Billy helped check out some cars as
they made their first swim of the year.
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Marc and his family were enjoying the lake.
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Mark is seeking some shade too.
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After enjoying the breeze out on the lake,
its time to head back under the bridge.
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Amphicars parked for supper,
then convoyed to the lake for a swim,
and finally parked to talk to the
crowd and watch the fireworks.
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