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Sharing rides in 2005
Otterbein Retirement community (St Mary's, Ohio)

Newburgh, NY water front

You can watch "Videos " of this car
TV News Coverage Video Clips

Splish Splash
You're gonna take a bath!

What Every Amphi Needs
Mermaids and Sailors

The Restoration of Allen's car
Dirty secrets of Allen's car

The Better Half
Debra's car

Grapevine Lake swim-in.
Pictures from the fall 2003 event
Pictures from the fall 2004 event
2005 "Getaway" with the CCCA and WBA

Austin 2004 swim-in.
Including the Great Duck Adventure

We attended the 7th annual swim-in.
Pictures from Celina, Ohio - 2000

We attended the 6th annual swim-in.
Pictures from Celina, Ohio - 1999

What else does Al do?
He designed his town's original web site.

Westlake, Tx

Debra has her own Elementary Science Lab site.
Durham Elementary Science Lab

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