These are translations by the Bilgemeister of the German text of Amphicar Brochure scans found at :

This sporty car fulfills your most beautiful dream and gives you a happy new driving experience-- free and unencumbered.  You're already "aboard" when you sit at the wheel. From the road it goes straight into the watery element without any modifications.  On the road, at sport or weekend, or in the grey day-to-day, every moment with the Amphicar is an unexcelled pleasure. In this regard this unique vehicle has all of the properties expected from a modern vehicle. It's quick and handles well in city traffic and is fast and rugged off-road. In the water, an Amphicar offers a whole new world.  Experience this magical appeal!  You glide though remote lakes or cruise the waterways towards your destination. Amphicar is a secure and true companion in all seasons. You enjoy the air and sun in full glory, since the roof and windows are all fully retractable. And in cold or inclement weather the strong heater provides comfortable warmth. :

Experience the Magic of a sea voyage in your car

For you, Fall and Winter is also Sport and Travel season. The advantages of such a vehicle provide true joy at any time-- on water or on land. Ergonomic and practical features as well as attractive lines make this vehicle a star without equal.  Sporty elegance and style are… :

…the visible results of attention to detail and first rate Auto design. The hydro-dynamic lines are available in a selection of four beautiful color choices:  Lagoon Blue, Fjord Green, Regatta Red and Beach White.  Seats and interior are outfitted in two tone leatherette to complement these colors.  A glance at its features will convince you: The Amphicar is the complete vehicle. Make an appointment with your Amphicar dealership for a test drive.  Free from and unaffected by the narrowness of the streets, you'll enjoy the feeling of limitless freedom and true joy in life!  Only a flip of a lever and the car is transformed into a boat.  Amphicar is a unique passenger car, in which you will be ahead of the pack: doubly useful makes it doubly valuable.  Amphicar is your luxury car for work, sport and travel - A car that will make you the envy of others.



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